Seducing sap and mycelium since 2014.

Sapwood is a small-scale sugarbush and mushroom farm located in the headwaters of a regional water supply and part of a large connected forest that includes thousands of acres of public and private lands in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State.

Our Land

We manage our forested lands for wildlife habitat, species diversity and water quality, and in return the forest provides us with clean unfiltered drinking water, maple sap, logs for growing mushrooms, firewood and lumber.

It’s quality, it’s rustic seduction, it’s Sapwood.

With a passion for exceptional, specialty farm foods, we aim to cultivate the finest log grown mushrooms and craft the most delicious wood fired maple syrup you have ever tasted.  Our intention is to share tradition and harvest with our community and stay connected to our environment with great integrity.


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