Maple sugaring is a long held tradition that began with Native Americans leaving maple tree sap out to freeze, removing the ice, leaving the sugar behind. Removing water from maple sap concentrates the sugars and nutrients made by the tree, producing maple syrup.

Pure maple syrup is coveted for it’s complex flavor, thick texture and health benefits. When concentrated further, it transforms into maple cream and even further into granulated maple sugar. Maple can also be found in numerous food products in various forms.

Our Process

We collect fresh, clear sap from our maple trees with tubing and buckets and move it through a small reverse osmosis system to remove water content. The concentrated sap is boiled over a wood fire until it becomes syrup at 219° and the density (sugar content) measures 67%, the legal standard. Each small batch we craft is filtered and bottled immediately, ensuring the best quality, flavor and viscosity.

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Wood Fired

Wood smoke swirling in the air and mixing with boiling maple sap creates a wonderful flavor that is slightly smokey and oh-so yummy. Taste the difference. This is a syrup you will crave by the spoonful.

Small Batch

Not everything bigger is better. Keeping each batch of maple syrup we produce small allows us to offer you a variety of colors and flavors to experiment with. Expand your choices. Entice your imagination.


Homemade maple syrup is a labor of love. Each season, we put in the hard work it takes to produce a high quality product. We harvest and process our own firewood. Sap is moved from our trees through each step with care. We filter and bottle by hand, on site. When we hear your praises, we know it is all worth it.

“Absolutely the most delicious mushrooms and maple syrup!”

– Despina, South Carolina

“If anyone was thinking about placing an order, all I can say is this is best maple syrup you will ever have!”

– Christine, New York

“I’ve never had better maple syrup. I will never buy anything else.”

– Kim, Kansas

What’s good, Syrup?

Maple syrup isn’t just for breakfast. Indulge your sweet tooth, it’s good for you, too.

There is no authentic substitute for pure maple syrup. The flavor is complex and quite delectable. Maple syrup adapts to various uses like marinades, dressings, savory dishes, baking and cocktails. Add a spoonful to your morning coffee. Simply drizzle some on your favorite yogurt or vanilla ice cream.

That’s cool. But did you know maple syrup contains 54 beneficial compounds? Pure maple syrup contains valuable nutrients such as calcium, potassium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, and iron and B vitamins, among others. And it’s a good substitute for white sugar.

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